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Challenger MT500D Series: 110-195 Engine HP   View Specs

Even in the toughest conditions, the MT500D Series feels right at home. With AGCO Power™ engines designed to deliver optimal torque at a lower RPM range while its stable hydraulic system does not vary flow with engine speed.

 Up to 7.4L

Engines engineered specifically for ag applications offer unrivalled torque for powering through the most demanding conditions.

 3 Transmissions

AutoPower IV & VI transmission offer four or six powershift ratios using Lever Mode or Pedal More. Or choose a TechStar CVT – a technology pioneered by our engineers.

 Up to 39 gpm

Closed-center, pressure- and flow-compensated hydraulic system provides flow to multiple functions. An optional 39 gpm hydraulic pump is available for more demanding applications.


An additional Multifunction joystick for loader-equipped controls hydraulic functions as well as speed/gear changes and forward/reverse shuttle controls.


With the push of a button, Headland Management System allows an operator to combine and record a sequence of tractor functions that can be replayed using the Headland button, for ultimate ease of use.


Monitor the performance of both the tractor and trailing implements through a common ISOBUS communication system that eliminates the need for a separate monitor or control box in the cab.


Tractor Management Center offers an extensive array of high-value monitoring, control and comparative functions so the operator can work smarter and more efficiently. Auto-Guide 3000 works through this same display.

  • Challenger-MT500D Tractor
  • Challenger-MT500D Tractor
  • Challenger-MT500D Tractor
  • Challenger-MT500D Tractor


Available joystick controls increase productivity with intuitive and ergonomic controls.

 3 Packages

With three cab package options to choose from, get the ultimate in versatility, operator comfort and ease of operation.


Equiped with a fully adjustable, air-ride swivel seat or choose the added comfort of the optional extra-wide seat with added cushioning.

 Cab Comfort

One of the largest, quietest and most technologically evolved cabs offering more headroom, automatic air conditioning, a 360° Pinnacle View, as well as an unparalleled sound pressure level and Multifunction joystick on all package options.

 Operator Seat

The heated and vented semi-active air-suspension seat adapts to any size operator and offers a range of settings to make a long day in the field feel that much shorter.

MT500D Series Specs
Model Engine Engine HP PTO HP Transmission Max Operating Weight (lbs)
MT515D AGCO Power™ 120 110 AutoPower IV 25,353
MT525D AGCO Power™ 130 110 AutoPower VI or TechStar CVT 25,353
MT525D AGCO Power™ 130 120 AutoPower IV 25,353
MT535D AGCO Power™ 150 120 AutoPower VI or TechStar CVT 25,353
MT545D AGCO Power™ 165 130 AutoPower VI or TechStar CVT 25,353
MT555D AGCO Power™ 170 140 AutoPower VI or TechStar CVTR 25,353
MT565D AGCO Power™ 180 150 AutoPower VI or TechStar CVT 25,353
MT575D AGCO Power™ 200 165 AutoPower VI or TechStar CVT 25,353
MT585D AGCO Power™ 220 180 AutoPower VI or TechStar CVT 25,353
MT595D AGCO Power™ 240 195 AutoPower VI 25,353