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Challenger MT600E Series: 270-370 Engine HP   View Specs

The MT600E Series offers more power, efficiency and comfort than ever before. With redesigned cooling and hydraulic systems ready for the pressures of any job, it's built to set new benchmarks for productivity.

 Performance - 8.4L

The new AGCO Power™ engines in the MT600E generate mountains of torque at lower RPMs for unmatched lugging ability. With a long flat torque curve, gets more work done at lower RPMs for savings on fuel while extending engine life.


With a more direct path from the engine to the transmission than competitors, minimal power is lost from the drivetrain to the ground.

 54 gpm

With a design overbuilt for any job, there’s capacity to handle the most demanding hydraulically-powered tools.

 Power Management

When activated, the engine and transmission automatically find the most efficient settings to get the job done. The engine automatically throttles up or down when you need more or less power saving fuel, reducing engine noise and extending service life.

 Power Direction

New dashboard Setup & Information Screen is easier to read with 50% greater screen size with 10 times higher resolution.


Spend more time working with replacement intervals for transmission oil and filters at every 1,200 hours and engine oil changes at 400 hours.


The Pinnacle View four-post cab design provides more interior space and fewer obstructions for exceptional visibility.

  • Challenger-MT600E Tractor
  • Challenger-MT600E Tractor
  • Challenger-MT600E Tractor
  • Challenger-MT600E Tractor

 Cab Suspension

To further reduce operator fatigue, OptiRide™ Plus cab suspension system uses a hydraulic damper and accumulator on each corner of the cab to provide unrivaled ride comfort.


Tractor Management Center offers an extensive array of high-value monitoring, control and comparative functions so the operator can work smarter and more efficiently. Auto-Guide 3000 works through this same display.


Seat offers ride with standard adjustments that include height and suspension, fore and aft seat position, lumbar support and back tilt position.

 Axle Suspension

The OptiRide axle suspension enhances ride comfort and puts more power to the ground. Coupled with the OptiRide Plus cab suspension system, it can easily reduce vibration by 50% or more.

MT600E Series Specs
Model Engine Max Engine HP PTO HP Transmission
MT645E AGCO Power™8.4L 270 205 Techstar™ CVT with Power Management (PM) – 31 mph (50 kph)
MT655E AGCO Power™8.4L 295 225 Techstar™ CVT with Power Management (PM) – 31 mph (50 kph)
MT665E AGCO Power™8.4L 320 250 Techstar™ CVT with Power Management (PM) – 31 mph (50 kph)
MT675E AGCO Power™8.4L 350 275 Techstar™ CVT with Power Management (PM) – 31 mph (50 kph)
MT685E AGCO Power™8.4L 370 290 Techstar™ CVT with Power Management (PM) – 31 mph (50 kph)