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Challenger MT900C Series: 525-585 Engine HP   View Specs

The MT900C Series Special Application tractors are equipped with features to improve performance, reliability, and safety in a towed-scraper application. All Special Application tractors are capable of withstanding up to 20,000lbs of vertical loads.

 Cat C18 ACERT™ Engine

The Cat C18 ACERT™ engine boasts a massive 585 engine hp provided by the largest displacement engine commercially available at 18.1 liters.

 Cat Transmission

Built with the most demanding jobsites in mind, the CAT 16-speed Powershift transmission gives you 8 gears in the working range while providing a transport speed of up to 25 MPH. Smoother shifting and better control helps you keep working longer.

 Frame & Axle

The widest and heaviest frame in the industry, the front portion features Challenger’s proven cast iron frame to support the Cat ACERT C18 engine and Cat powershift transmission. While the largest diameter axle and strongest driveline in the industry ensure its weight and horsepower are delivered to the ground efficiently and effectively

 Up to 59 GPM

Industry-leading 59 gpm (224.2 lpm) pump (standard feature) and a simplified system with common mid-stack design with up to six in-line fingertip remote valve levers.

 Optimal Flow & Pressure Adjustment

The TMC display is used to control all remote implement valves, allowing the operator to electronically adjust flow rates, adjust timed detents and precisely adjust individual valve operation. The system utilizes a separate controller built into each valve, allowing the operator to direct continuous flow through any one coupler.

 Tractor Management Center

Industry exclusive Tractor Management Center (TMC) armrests put core functions right at the operator’s fingertips. Engine, transmission and hydraulic controls are conveniently positioned on the simple and ergonomic armrest.


Auto-Guide™ uses advanced satellite navigation to steer the tractor, leaving operators free to focus their attention on optimizing settings and monitoring their work. This easy-to-use system helps reduce input costs and operator fatigue.

  • Challenger-MT900C-special-appliction Tractor
  • Challenger-MT900C-special-appliction Tractor
  • Challenger-MT900C-special-appliction Tractor
  • Challenger-MT900C-special-appliction Tractor

 Pulling Power Made Easy

Designed for efficiency, Power Management (PM) optimizes engine speed based on transmission gear and draft load. A rocker switch on the Tractor Management Center (TMC) selects or changes modes to quickly match operating conditions.


Designed for performance and serviceability, resulting in less time spent doing general maintenance and more time on the job. With five easy-to-access service points, maintenance inspections become part of the daily routine instead of a time-consuming chore.

 Mirrors With A Purpose

A redesigned air-conditioning system with added cooling capacity directs air where you want using strategically placed vents.

 Comfortable In Any Weather

The Surround-Flow™ ventilation system features 12 strategically placed vent locations to maintain comfort in any weather. Vents have the ability to direct air onto each window for quick defrosting or to create a cool air barrier in the heat of the day

 Cab Comfort

The air-suspension seat adapts with ease to the operator for a smoother ride with optional deluxe VRS heated operator's seat.

MT900C Special Application Series Specs
Model Engine Engine HP Transmission Max Operating Weight Hydraulic Remotes
MT965C Cat® C18 ACERTT™ Tier III 525 Cat® Powershift 16F / 4R
(24.6 MPH)
60,000 lbs 4 Standard / up to 6 Optional
MT975C Cat® C18 ACERTT™ Tier III 585 Cat® Powershift 16F / 4R
(24.6 MPH)
60,000 lbs 4 Standard / up to 6 Optional