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Fendt 700 Series: 145-240 engine HP   View Specs

The Fendt 700 Vario offers the right features for the requirements. Choose the best solution for your needs from the equipment variants: Power, Profi or ProfiPlus. The 700 Vario Power offers a number of features that will make your everyday work easier. Equipped with a fourth PTO speed, 1000E rpm, you save fuel when working with high speed requirements. The load relief control for the comfort front linkage moves the load from the implement to the tractor and offers better traction and more uniform implement guidance.

 Unhindered Engine Performance

Unlike some Tier 4i engines that recirculate exhaust gas back into the engine or force it through complex filters, the Fendt 700 Vario treats the exhaust externally so the engine can be tuned for 100 percent optimum fuel efficiency and do what it does best…produce unrestricted power and torque.

 VarioActive Steering

Fendt More Visibility Fendt More Visibility

As the newest feature on the 700 Series, the VarioActive steering system (standard on the ProfiPlus version) provides a variable gear ratio, depending on travel speed, for best-in-class maneuverability. At slower speeds, it provides fast and comfortable turns with one turn of the steering wheel equal to 43.3 degrees of wheel turn. A stronger steering ratio can be activated with the VarioActive superimposed steering system. It adjusts to the steering movement and travel speed. Perfect for front loader work in tight yards or at the headlands.

 More Power — Less Fuel

Responsive power and maximum economy come together in the new Fendt 700 Series’ 6.06-liter, six cylinder Deutz diesel engine. Featuring Fendt SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology, it moves the 700 Series into a higher power range of 180 to 240 maximum horsepower, while providing up to 10 percent better fuel economy and higher torque rise (up to 43 percent) than previous models...all while meeting Tier 4i emissions standards.

At average fuel use of 5.3 gallons per hour, according to field trials and owner reports, that’s a savings of around a half gallon of fuel per hour or about five gallons per 10-hour day.

 Balance the Load

With a maximum unladen weight of only 17,416 pounds, the 700 Series provides unmatched ballasting flexibility, allowing the tractor to be tailored to a wide range of applications.

  • Up to 5,500 pounds can be added on the front of the tractor, with or without the front 3-point hitch
  • Weight distribution can be adjusted to 60 percent of the weight on the rear axle for a 60:40 ratio, or vice versa
  • Two 440 lb. (200 kg.) or 660 lbs. (300 kg.) wheel weights can be added to the rear wheels. Both are integrated into the rims to maintain the overall tractor width.
  • Permissible gross weight of 29,760 lbs. (13,499 kg.) provides ample payload reserves for heavy implements
  • Fendt 700 Tractor
  • Fendt 700 Tractor
  • Fendt 700 Tractor
  • Fendt 700 Tractor

 Perfect for Loader Work

There’s not a loader tractor on the market that can beat the agility and productivity of a Fendt 700 Series model. Fitted with a factory installed 5X Series Fendt loader, it functions as one perfect unit.

 Varioterminal - Touchscreen or Keys

Fendt High-Capacity Reversible Fan

Both the 7-inch and 10.4-inch Varioterminal offer two methods of operation. Simply touch the screen to scroll through the menu, make adjustment or access information. You can also navigate through the menus and data without removing your gloves using the keys and rotary control on the side. Both terminals even include a handle grip for more stability when you’re on the move.

 Variotronic Implement Control

Monitor and control ISOBUS 11783-compliant implements, including balers, planters, sprayers, etc., without the need for additional monitors or control boxes in the cab. Simply "plug and play" a compatible implement for seamless operation, saving time, money and needless installations.

 VarioGuide Satellite-Assisted Steering

Reduce overlapping and crop input costs by an average of six percent with the Fendt VarioGuide satellite-guided auto-steering system. Using cutting-edge GPS-based technology, VarioGuide steers the tractor, without operator input, along straight, curved or circle (pivots) waylines, providing Fendt owners with a variety of benefits

Fendt 700 Vario Specs
Model Max HP PTO HP Transmission Max Speed Max. Lift Capacity, Rear Linkage on Drawbar (lbs) Unladen Weight (lbs)
714 140 110 ML 140 Vario CVT 50 km/h 21,120 16,755
716 160 130 ML 140 Vario CVT 50 km/h 21,120 16,755
718 180 145 ML 180 Vario 50 km/h 21,120 17,416
720 200 165 ML 180 Vario 50 km/h 21,120 17,416
722 220 185 ML 180 HD Vario 50 km/h 21,120 17,416
724 240 195 ML 180 HD Vario 50 km/h 21,120 17,416