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Fendt 800 Series: 220-280 engine HP   View Specs

The Fendt 800 Vario is a popular high-horsepower tractor that scores with its compactness, flexibility and performance. With up to 280 hp, they are not only powerful in the field, but also superior for transport work. It is also superior down to the last detail, with intelligent and efficiency enhancing technologies, such as the tire pressure regulation system VarioGrip, automated steering and much more.

 Superior Performance

The drive train in the 800 Vario unites the best of the best. To guarantee maximum fuel efficiency with the best reliability, Fendt has installed the best technical solution for compliance with Tier 4 Final emissions down to the last detail. The result is perfectly coordinated engine, exhaust, and transmission technology, which delivers up to a maximum output of 280 hp, dynamically and highly efficiently.

 VarioGrip Operation

Fendt VarioGrip Terminal Fendt VarioGrip Terminal

Fendt offers VarioGrip, the first factory-installed tire pressure regulation system that is fully integrated in the vehicle design. This allows you to work with the correct tire pressure during all operations. Using the Varioterminal, the tire pressue can be controlled with just a push of a button.

 Fendt Variotronic

Fendt has been consistently following the ONE-terminal strategy. The result is the unique integration of functions in just one terminal. Six applications are found in the Varioterminal: tractor controls, ISOBUS implement control, camera functions, automated steering, documentation and help function. Up to four applications can be shown simultaneously on the 10.4-B screen. Your benefit is that the terminal can provide data from different applications for further functions. That is the lead in integration.

 More Visibility

Fendt More Visibility Fendt More Visibility

The 800 Vario has been trimmed for an optimal overview. The hood has been kept as narrow as possible, so drivers have an excellent view to the wheel arches and front-mounted implements.

 Automatic SectionControl

With the automatic SectionControl, you can work precisely and avoid wasting operating materials. The system is optimally integrated in the Variotronic controls.

  • Fendt 800 Tractor
  • Fendt 800 Tractor
  • Fendt 800 Tractor
  • Fendt 800 Tractor

 High Level of Constant Power

Twin-charging with two turbochargers ensures pure dynamics with fuel-saving driving characteristics. The torque curve is well-rounded in the low speed range, so that more power is already available there. The engine also has a large constant power range.

 High-Capacity Reversible Fan

Fendt High-Capacity Reversible Fan

The reversible fan can reverse the air flow automatically so that the cooling elements are effectively cleaned by blowing out – a first for tractors and highly efficient.

 Fuel Pre-Filter For a Sure Start

When the temperatures outside are icy, the fuel pre-filter guides the pre-heated fuel directly back for injection and not to the tank, until the diesel has reached an adequate temperature. The injection process therefore always runs reliably.

 Continuously Variable Vario Transmission

Continuously variable transmissions have proven their leading efficiency and performance and have become the first choice. Operators are always in the position to work at the optimal speed, which means considerable savings potential. Save valuable working time in different operations through higher area coverage and also profit from low fuel consumption.

Fendt 800 Vario Specs
Model Max HP PTO HP Transmission Max Speed Rear Lift Capacity @ link ends (lbs) Weight (lbs)
822 220 185 ML220 CVT Vario 50 km/h 18,300 35,274
824 240 205 ML220 CVT Vario 50 km/h 18,300 35,274
826 260 225 ML220 CVT Vario 50 km/h 18,300 35,274
828 280 245 ML220 CVT Vario 50 km/h 18,300 35,274