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Sunflower 1234 Disc Harrow: 18' 11" - 32' 8"   View Specs

The Model 1234 Disc Harrow is a medium weight disc that capably handles primary through finish discing operations. An all welded frame features even weight distribution for uniform penetration, and the three flexible sections assure that rough, rolling and terraced ground will be tilled evenly and smoothly. Large tires provide excellent flotation, unmatched depth control and the base for level discing.

 Easy Leveling & Simple Depth Control

Leveling the disc from front-to-rear is very simple with manual or optional hydraulic adjustment. Sunflower utilizes heavy duty compression springs on each side of the pivot point to cushion both front and rear gangs, important when crossing ditches or rough terrain. The front-mounted depth control allows the operating depth of the entire disc to be adjusted with a single setting.

 Swivel Gauge Wheels

Heavy-duty gauge wheels with exclusive parallel link and swivel design allows the gauge wheel to turn with the disc instead of creating a furrow or bending due to side loading.

 Rugged Components

Large 22” or 24”, full-concavity disc blades maximize residue coverage and soil penetration. Large 1¾" gang bolts teamed with spring-end washers provide a strong, stay-tight disc gang assembly. The 1234 offers 8½" blade spacing or 7½" front and 8½" rear spacing on some models. Overlapping disc gangs prevent ridging in the center.

 Self-Locking for Transport

Automatic transport locks engage as the wings are folded for added safety and convenience. This eliminates the need for the operator to crawl on the frames to install pins.

Sunflower 1234 Disc Harrow

 Narrow Transport

Sunflower’s 1234 disc folds hydraulically to narrow transport widths. The 18', 21' NC* and 24’ NC* feature narrow center frames that allow these discs to fold to less than 13’. Larger sizes fold to under 16’. Increased ground clearance during transport makes travel from one field to another much easier. *Narrow Centers

 Maintenance-Free Lift

The 1234 lift system is equipped with maintenance-free (no-grease) UHMW plastic sleeves which eliminate high wear, metal-to-metal contact points.

Sunflower 1234 Specs
Model Number       Cutting Width       Transport Height       Blade Spacing       * Established Weight     Weight Per Foot of Cut      
1234-18 18'-11" 10'-2" 8-1/2" F/R 9,829 lbs 517 lbs
1234-21 (NC) 21'-8" 11'-5" 8-1/2" F/R 10,690 lbs 505 lbs
1234-21 (WC) 21'-8" 11'-5" 7-1/2" F
8-1/2” R
12,184 lbs 519 lbs
1234-24 (NC) 24'-5" 12'-10" 8-1/2" F/R 12,578 lbs 507 lbs
1234-24 (WC) 24'-5" 11'-3" 7-1/2" F
8-1/2" R
or 8-1/2" F/R
12,422 lbs

12,184 lbs
514 lbs

507 lbs
1234-27 27'-2" 12'-7" 7-1/2" F
8-1/2" R
or 8-1/2" F/R
13,583 lbs

13,427 lbs
510 lbs

497 lbs
1234-29 29'-11" 13'-11" 7-1/2” F
8-1/2" R
or 8-1/2" F/R
15,628 lbs

15,370 lbs
504 lbs

512 lbs
1234-32 32'-8" 15'-4" 7-1/2" F
8-1/2" R
or 8-1/2" F/R
17,098 lbs

16,816 lbs
534 lbs

526 lbs
* Weight is figured with 22” blades and 21’-32’ models show weight with each spacing option.