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Sunflower 1435 Disc Harrow: 21' to 40'   View Specs

Model 1435 is North America's "Number One" disc harrow. The 1435 offers working widths from 21' to 40' covering more ground with each pass. Yet, they fold to a narrower transport width than smaller competitive disc harrows. Thanks to Sunflower's patented split wing technology, the 37' and 40' models also offer a lower transport height than most disc harrows in their size class. Wide working widths, heavy construction, easy transport and top-of-the-line features.

 Excellent Road Stability

1435-21' through 29' features a wider center wheel placement for improved road stability and field performance.

 Dydraulic Leveler Option

An optional hydraulic frontto-rear leveler allows the operator to fine tune the 1435 from his tractor’s seat. A well-adjusted disc not only pulls easier, but leaves the field in better condition.

 Rugged Components

Available with 22" or 24" Boron blades (recommended in rock areas) with 8¾" blade spacing. Rollable Boron blades available in 24" on certain models (not recommended in rock areas). 1¾" alloy steel gang shafts with a spring steel end washer and nut at each end of the arbor bolt to keep the gangs factory tight. Impact absorbing C-Flex bearing standards and trunnion mounted gang bearings are standard equipment on all Sunflower disc harrows.

 Reduced Transport Height

Split wing technology reduces transport height of the wider working 37' to 40' models.

 Maintenance-Free Pivots

UHMW now utilized in the pivot and thrust areas of the gauge wheels, more service free features than competitive tools.

 Low Wear Trunnion Bearings

Sunflower's trunnion bearings provide positive alignment, eliminate wear between the bearing and housing and ensure positive lubrication. As the C-Flex™ bearing standards move, gang bearings have to constantly realign. In conventional bearing systems the bearing moves within the housing. This eventually leads to wear between the bearing and housing, then bearing failure, because grease cannot get into the bearing. With the trunnion bearing there is never any wear between the bearing and housing and there is always positive lubrication.

 Advanced Lift Design

Lift adjustment facilitates frame leveling and promotes smoother trash flow under the 1435 frame.

  • Sunflower 1435 Disc Harrow
  • Sunflower 1435 Disc Harrow
  • Sunflower 1435 Disc Harrow
  • Sunflower 1435 Disc Harrow

 UHMW Wing Pivots

All greasing has been eliminated in both the wing hinges and all transport connections by incorporating UHMW technology into the high wear areas.

 Split Center Rockshaft

The split center rockshaft design improves wheel placement for better disc gang control and eliminates twisting of the lift axle.

 Models 37' & 40' Split Wing Features

  • Aggressive over-lapping front gangs
  • Ridge eliminating staggered rear gangs
  • Full concavity 22" or 24" disc blades
  • 8¾" blade spacing
  • Patented split-wing folding system
  • Greaseless UHMW hinges and transport connections
  • 1¾" alloy steel disc gang shaft
  • C-Flex™ mounted trunnion disc gang bearings
  • Walking tandems at all locations
  • 2¾" center section hubs with 8 bolt wheels
  • C-Flex mounted scraper bars
  • Parallel linkage mounted swivel gauge wheels
  • Long heavy-duty tongue with wide set mountings
  • Single-point depth control
  • Self-leveling system
  • Welded heavy-duty frame

Sunflower 1435 Specs
Model Number     Working Width     Transport Width     Transport Height     Established Weight lbs    
1435-21 20' 7" 35' 5" 9' 4" 12,500
1435-23 23' 4" 13' 5" 10' 6" 14,190
1435-26 26' 2" 13' 5" 11' 9" 14,886
1435-29 28' 11" 13' 5" 13' 5" 16,270
1435-30 30' 4" 17' 8" 11' 9" 17,546
1435-33 33' 1" 17' 8" 13' 5" 19,573
1435-36 35' 10" 17' 8" 15' 2" 19,980
1435-37SW 37' 3" 18' 2" 13' 6" 23,978
1435-40SW 40' 18' 2" 13' 6" 24,590