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Sunflower 1544 Disc Harrow: 42' - 44' 9"   View Specs

Built for today's large acreage discing, the model 1544s large disc performance offers small disc flexibility available in working widths of 42' and 45'. Time saving features include single-point front-mounted depth controls and improved clearance, both in the field and on the road. Six pairs of walking tandems provide excellent weight distribution and flotation. The lift system pivots on maintenance-free UHMW plastic sleeves that totally eliminate greasing. Sunflower's 1544 offers unmatched flexibility in rolling terrain or terraced ground.

 Ample Weight Support

Eight tires on four sets of walking tandems are on the ground at all times during transport for added safety and stability. This is a real advantage when compared to dual tires on competitive models. Large 2¼" diameter spindles and eight bolt hubs and wheels ensure years of dependable service.

 Walking Tandems

Walking tandems at the transport locations effectively distribute the folded implement weight during transport, increasing tire life. Walking tandems under the wing frames not only provide smooth performance in rough fields, but readily control bounce and limit the frame stress associated with out of ground turning.

Sunflower 1444 Four Sectioins

 Independent Four-Section Flexibility

Independent four-section flexibility enables the machine to conform to extremely uneven ground conditions and provides unmatched protection against rock damage. Independent front-to-rear leveling of each half of the disc is simple with the conveniently located self-leveler. Optional hydraulic levers available.

 Maintenance-Free Pivot Points

Greasing has been eliminated at all transport connections by incorporating UHMW plastic sleeves into the high wear areas.

  • Sunflower 1544 Disc Harrow
  • Sunflower 1544 Disc Harrow
  • Sunflower 1544 Disc Harrow

 Superior Components Throughout

Available with 22" or 24" disc blades in 8¾” spacing, which enhance residue coverage and increase ability to penetrate the soil. Large 1¾" gang shafts with a spring washer on the ends of the gangs, provide a solid foundation for maximum gang performance.

 Fast, Easy Frame Leveling

This front-mounted adjustment allows the operating depth of each half of the discm to be set through a single setting. This simple adjustment is easy, safe and precise.

Sunflower 1544 Specs
Model Number     Cutting Width     Transport Width     Transport Height     * Established Weight     Weight Per Ft of Cut   
1544-42 42' 22' 2" 14' 7" 27,200 lbs 648 lbs
1544-45 44' 9" 22' 2" 15' 8" 28,975 lbs 644 lbs
* Weight is figured with 22” blades