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Sunflower 4412 Disc Ripper Discs: 12' 5" and 17' 5"    View Specs

One Pass Yield Improvement - The 4412 is an exceptional combo primary tillage tool requiring less horsepower per shank than many competitors. The 4412’s "Disc-Ripper-Disc" design reduces the power demands by twenty percent as compared to competitor's "Disc- Ripper" designs by getting the shanks closer to the tractor. The front disc blades are individually mounted on H.D. C-Flex arms rather than bound to a common gang. Mounting the blades in this manner allows the aggressive posture and performance of a triple compound angled blade. The 4412 gives finger tip depth adjustment of the disc blades, front and rear to customize the incorporation of crop residue and field finish.

 Standard Walking Tandems

Standard walking tandems minimize frame bounce and uneven penetration.

 Optional Shatter Wing

Increases horizontal fracturing ability by lifting soil up and forward during operation.

 Self-Leveling Hitch

Front-to-rear leveling - once set the 4412 will remain level both in and out of the ground.

 Auto-Reset Parabolic Shanks

Sunflower 4412 Parabolic Shank

A maximum point load of 3,500 lbs with operating depths of up to 14" - 18". Parabolic shanks provide a wider shattering pattern and require less draft than a straight shank.

 Adjustable Gangs

Height may be adjusted from 5" to 11" above ripper point for adjusting to different depths of surface compaction and residue amounts.

 Folding Rear Gangs

The folding rear gangs of 4412-7 fold for transport.

 Multi Max-depth Shanks

Adjustable 14" / 18" maximum depth settings.

 Patented C-Flex™ Shielding

Stops soil transfer from one disc to the next. Reduces plugging of wet materials and trash.

  • Sunflower 4412 Disc Ripper
  • Sunflower 4412 Disc Ripper
 Parallel Linkage

Exclusive parallel links connect both the front and rear disc gangs to the main frame. Links allow the disc gangs to run level no matter the height adjustment, as one might see in a planter style opener.

 Maintenance-Free UHMW Polymer Sleeves

Maintenance free UHMW polymer sleeves on the lift system require no greasing, eliminate wear points and improve overall performance of the machine.

 Individual C-Flex™ Mounted Cushioned Blades

Originally developed for rock protection, the individual 12" spaced patented* C-Flex™ mounted discs blades not only react quickly and efficiently to obstacles found in fields, but also provide excellent clean-out in adverse field conditions. These attributes are in part due to the patented* unprecedented compound angle Sunflower designed into the front row of individual discs.

Sunflower 4412 Disc Ripper Specs
Model Number     Cutting Width     Number of Shanks     Shank Spacing     Transport Width     Number of Discs (F|R)     Established Weight    
4412-5 12' 5" 5 30" 15' 5" 14 | 18 13,615 lbs
4412-7 17' 5" 7 30" 17' 4" 18 | 24 16,200 lbs