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Sunflower 5055 Cultivator: 44' 6" to 62' 6"    View Specs

Five-Section Flexibility And Productivity - When faced with terraces and rolling terrain, or the need to cover a large number of acres, the Sunflower 5055 five-section Field Cultivators offer the performance and flexibility that is expected from a big machine. Built tough and loaded with features, these Field Cultivators will handle today's higher residue levels while building the perfect seedbed. Ranked as one of the best overall field cultivators on the market today, the structural design, trash clearance and depth control are the three reasons why this unit has attained this high rating.

 Model Features

  • Sunflower's Five-Section Field Cultivators feature heavy construction, outstanding clearance and superb floatation
  • Optimum shank placement for unmatched residue clearance
  • Single-point depth control adjusts working depth of the entire machine
  • Shanks are available in either Spring Tension or 2-piece "S" tine design and offer up to 190 pounds of point load
  • Walking tandems with large tires provide the necessary flotation required from a field cultivator
  • Self-leveling hitch maintains a level frame from front-to-rear regardless of operating depth
  • Front and rear Fold Cylinders use on each wing
  • Heavy duty swivel gauge wheel on each wing
  • Available with a wide selection of finishing attachments

 UHMW Rock Shafts

Feature exclusive polymer sleeves in traditional high wear areas. The UHMW material eliminates any greasing, excessive wear, replacement parts and keeps frame structure tight. UHMW is utilized on several Sunflower tillage tools for better performance and reduced maintenance.

 UHMW Wing Hinges

Feature polymer sleeves that require no greasing, hold hinge joints tight and offer extended life.

 Optional Rear Tow Hitch

With hydraulic tow package will accommodate a Soil Conditioner or other implement behind.

Sunflower 5055 Cultivator

 Single Point Depth Control

Is conveniently located for easy adjustments and offers accuracy up to ¼". No need to adjust depth at each wheel location or use complicated electronics like competitive models.

 Exclusive disc gang reels.

  • 10¼" spiral reels rotate at twice the speed of the 20" disc blades
  • Reels return soil that disc gangs invert, net results are no lateral soil movement
  • Fields remain level
  • Pulverize clods that would otherwise remain
  • Single-point depth control adjusts working depth of the entire machine
  • Mixes soil and residue for optimum planter operation
  • Incorporates chemicals and nutrients for best plant performance

Sunflower 5055 Cultivator Specs
Model Number Cutting Width Shank Spacing Number of Shanks Transport Width Transport Height Established Weight
5055-44 44' 6" 6" 89 17' 6" 11' 10" 14,000 lbs
5055-48 48' 6" 6" 97 17' 6" 13' 10" 14,000 lbs
5055-50 50' 6" 6" 101 17' 6" 13' 10" 15,420 lbs
5055-54 54' 6" 6" 109 19' 6" 14' 0" 17,300 lbs
5055-58 58' 6" 6" 117 19' 6" 16' 0" 18,400 lbs
5055-62 62' 6" 6" 125 19' 6" 16' 0" 19,500 lbs

Please note that horsepower requirements for cultivators will vary greatly with the type of soil, moisture conditions, shape of sweeps, amount of surface residue, depth of tillage, speed and many other related factors. A minimum of 6-8 horsepower per foot may be required.