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Sunflower 5056 Cultivator: 45' to 63'    View Specs

Five-Section Flexibility And Productivity - The Model 5056 Field Cultivators are Sunflower’s seedbed preparation tool for larger farming operations. Available in sizes from 45 feet to 63 feet wide and at 6 horsepower per foot, the required tractor horsepower falls in the 270 to 400 range. The 5-section 5056-45 fits the medium size operations and the 5056-63 will handle the largest farming operations. The 9" cultivator shovels on 6" centers, overlap 1½" on each side to create a full cutting action and ensures all weeds and grasses are sheared and the shallow compaction layer created by normal farming operations is shattered. With a variety of finishing attachments available, the soil surface can be customized to match a wide variety of soil types and residue management requirements.

 Model Features

  • Heavy Duty Truss Style Frame
  • Self-Leveling or Floating Tongue
  • Cat V Hitch
  • True 6” Shank Spacing
  • Spring Trip or S-Tine Shanks
  • Single Point Depth Control
  • Sweep Depth Indicator
  • Easy Frame Leveling
  • Swiveling Gauge Wheels
  • Walking Tandems
  • Large Diameter Spindles
  • Hydraulically Activated Road Locks
  • Hose and Electrical Docking Station
  • Six Finishing Attachments
  • 45’, 49’, 55’, 59’ and 63’ Models

 Main Frame

The heavy truss style main frame designed using Finite Element Analysis has the strength to meet the demands of tough tillage conditions, so the structural integrity of the frame is maintained for the life of the machine for both the center section and the wings.

 Wing Frames

Wing frames are designed to withstand the rotational torque stresses through frame design and utilizing three wing hinge pivot points. The hinge bearings utilize UHMW plastic to eliminate the need for lubrication, increase longevity and reduce service time.

 Single Point Depth Control

Depth is easily set by turning the depth control handle one revolution to change the depth ½". A highly visible gauge is located for ease of operator use.

  • Sunflower 5056 Field Cultivator
  • Sunflower 5056 Field Cultivator
  • Sunflower 5056 Field Cultivator
  • Sunflower 5056 Field Cultivator

 Lift System

The 5056 Series lift system is equipped with maintenance-free UHMW plastic bearings, that eliminate metal-to-metal contact and wear. The lift system never requires lubrication resulting in more time in the field and less time servicing.

 Low Profile Shanks

With 26 inches of under frame clearance the 5/8 inch thick, 190 pound point load shanks on a 5-bar cultivator placement provide optimum trash flow. The shanks are mounted on 6 inch centers with 9 inch wide sweeps, to provide complete field finishing.


The 5056 five-section Field Cultivator folds to a low transport height, but offers big 45 to 63 foot working widths. With the wing wheels inline with the outer wing frames they provide support and maximum control of the wings ensuring the unit leaves a level surface profile with no ridges or valleys.

Sunflower 5056 Cultivator Specs
Model Number Cutting Width Number of Shanks Transport Width Transport Height Established Weight
5056-45 45' 91 17' 6" 12' 5" 17,677 lbs
5056-49 49' 99 17' 6" 14' 5" 18,508 lbs
5056-55 55' 111 19' 6" 14' 5" 20,336 lbs
5056-59 59' 119 19' 6" 16' 6" 21,074 lbs
5056-63 63' 127 19' 6" 16' 6" 21,823 lbs

Please note that horsepower requirements for cultivators will vary greatly with the type of soil, moisture conditions, shape of sweeps, amount of surface residue, depth of tillage, speed and many other related factors. A minimum of 6-8 horsepower per foot may be required.