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Sunflower 5135 Cultivator: 36' 6" to 42' 6"    View Specs

Three-Section Flexibility With Reduced Transport Heights - Sunflower now offers the 5135 Field Cultivator in a split wing configuration. The 5135 Split Wing Series features a three-section design with a reduced overall folded height. As a result, you can now transport a 36'-42' three section field cultivator with a maximum overall transport height of 13' 6".

 Mechanical Linkages

Mechanical linkages hold the split wing rigid during field operations making a true three-section machine but allows for a five section type fold for low transport height.

 A-Frame Tongue

The A-Frame tongue design which adds tremendous support to the center section frame to withstand the rotational forces generated by the heavy point load shanks and the combined weight of these multi-section tools when folded for transport.

 Single Point Depth Control

Single point depth control is conveniently located for easy adjustments and offers accuracy up to ¼".

 Sweep Depth Gauge

A sweep depth gauge is standard equipment on the 5056 series. The easy to read gauge is an effective reference to set the depth of operation of the tool.

 Walking Tandems

Walking tandems with large tires are standard on all sections, enabling the machine to follow the ground contour precisely, maintaining a more consistent sweep depth. Walking tandems are placed near the outer ends of the wings for optimum depth control to eliminate gouging wings and frame bounce.

Sunflower 5135 Field Cultivator

 Spring Cushion Shanks

With 25 inches of under frame clearance the 5/8 inch thick, 190 pound point load shanks on a 5 bar cultivator placement provide optimum trash flow.

 S-Tine Shanks

S-tine 160 pound point load shanks are also available if rocks and stones are not present and the heavier Spring Tension Shanks are not necessary.

 Self-Leveling Hitch

Self leveling hitch maintains a level frame from front-to-rear regardless of operating depth.

Sunflower 5135 Cultivator Specs
Model Number Cutting Width Shanks Spacing Number of Shanks Transport Width Transport Height Established Weight
5135-36 36' 6" 6" 73 15' 9" 13' 6" 10,800 lbs
5135-38 38' 6" 6" 77 15' 9" 13' 6" 11,150 lbs
5135-40 40' 6" 6" 81 17' 9" 13' 6" 11,500 lbs
5135-42 42' 6" 6" 85 17' 9" 13' 6" 11,950 lbs

Please note that horsepower requirements for cultivators will vary greatly with the type of soil, moisture conditions, shape of sweeps, amount of surface residue, depth of tillage, speed and many other related factors. A minimum of 6-8 horsepower per foot may be required.