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Sunflower 6621 Land Finisher: 17' 5" to 21'    View Specs

A One Pass Tillage Solution To Poor Germination - The Sunflower 6333 Land Finisher is tillage intensity at its finest. Easily adjustable and feature packed, the 6333 fits a wide range of medium horsepower tractors.

> Optional Hydraulic Disc Gangs

Provide easy to adjust depth control right from the cab for changing field conditions.

 UHMW Polymer Wing Hinges and Lift Assemblies

UHMW eliminates any greasing, excessive wear and keeps frame components tight. UHMW is utilized on most Sunflower tillage tools for better performance and reduced maintenance.

 Single Point Depth Control

Single point depth control is conveniently located for easy adjustments and offers accuracy up to ¼".

 Low Profile Shanks

Offer 24" of underframe clearance for optimum trash flow, and boast an industry leading 190 lbs. point load. Shank is ⅝" thick. No need to climb on the frames to set the hydraulic cylinders.

 Self-Centering Hitch

The hitch moves the land finisher over so the unit is centered behind the tractor during transport.

Sunflower 6621 Land Finisher

 Unique Disc Gang Reel

The unique disc gang reel is located directly behind the disc gang and provides four important actions:

  • Pulverizes soils and clods
  • Thoroughly incorporates chemicals
  • Vigorously mixes soil and residue
  • Prevents lateral movement of the soil, eliminating ridging

Sunflower 6621 Land Finisher Specs
Model Number Sweeps Cutting Width Disc Cutting Width Number of Shanks Number of Discs Transport Height Transport Width Established Weight
6221-17 17' 4" 17' 5" 23 28 11' 6" 17' 5" 8,772 lbs
6221-20 20' 4" 21' 27 34 11' 1" 21' 9,315 lbs

Please note that horsepower requirements for cultivators will vary greatly with the type of soil, moisture conditions, shape of sweeps, amount of surface residue, depth of tillage, speed and many other related factors. A minimum of 6-8 horsepower per foot may be required.