Prepared By: John Wilkerson, Parts Specialist

Preventative maintenance is one of the best practices you can do to help extend the life of your harvester and reduce in-season downtime.

Combine Storage

How your combine is stored? d you park fresh from the field or have you cleaned it?

Here are some helpful tips for combine storage:

  • Use compressed air or hand-held blower to blow off loose residue
  • Wash only if you have to. Avoid directly pressure washing bearings and electrical components
  • Clean the top of the battery and touch up rust spots
  • Keep bin drains opens

Operation Station

Have you detailed the cab? Here are some tips to keep those pesky mice and critters out of your field office during the off season.

  • Vacuum and clean glass inside cab.
  • Remove cab filters & place on cab roof in a plastic bag.
  • Use a critter deterrent – examples include moth balls, Zest soap, Botanica Rodent Repellent and place in a small ventilated plastic containers in the cab, in bin and on chaffer. Never throw loose repellent in cab etc.

Winter Tasks

Start combine mid-winter to charge battery- Let the combine run for ½ hour to circulate engine oil, coolant and hydraulic fluid. This will help prevent internal corrosion caused by condensation inside hydraulic tank.

Book a PM360 Combine Inspection - Contact our service department to schedule an inspection for your combine and head. Inspections can be done before putting it away for storage, during the off season or pre-season. Inspections can be performed on farm or in our service shop. The important thing to remember is there is no time for down time when it’s go time.

DIY Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance is critical TO optimize performance and extend the life of your machine. Whether you choose to have our team of factory trained technicians inspect your equipment of you take the task on yourself, your combines require a number checks and components to be replaced. This includes changing all filters at each service interval or at least annually. Trust the engineered quality AGCO brand parts delivers. Generic brand parts cannot guarantee optimal performance and may not meet the equipment’s requirements.

  • Check the condition of fluids drained out looking for particulates or filings.
  • Remember to grease all idler pivots and varibale speed hubs
  • Final drive oil capacity may have changed, oil type and beater kit updates
  • Rotor gear box oil is now synthetic 75/90
  • Follow grease check points on RH&LH combine side decals