Introducing Momentum, an all-new advanced planting architecture from Fendt that senses conditions in real time and responds with real answers.

The population yield and profit - it's there waiting to be unlocked, achieved and realized. But it will take know-how, effort and technology to unlock that potential. You'll have to look at the field inch-by-inch, adjust to every obstacle and embrace every opportunity.

Momentum is designed to get the seed in the right place and correct environment, maximizing its yield potential, by managing four key elements:

  • Delivering high performance
  • Reducing risk to that performance
  • Implementing an easy-to- use, efficient, row-by-row operating system
  • Responding to challenges as they arise in the planting operation
  • Fendt Momentum Info Sheet


  • 16 row / 30-inch spacing
  • 24 row / 20-, 22- or 30-inch spacing
  • 32 row / 15-inch spacing
  • 36 row / 20- or 22-inch spacing
  • 48 row / 15-inch spacing

PRECISION PLANTING - equipped row units right from the factory include:

  • 20/20 Gen3 SeedSense® monitor system
  • vSet2 /vDrive® seed meters
  • DeltaForce automatic hydraulic downforce system
  • Keeton® quick attach and Furrow Jet® brackets
  • Plug and play harness for a wide selection of aftermarket Precision Planting components

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